Changes at the Editorial Office


To our readers: In May and October of 2019 we were delighted to invite Roberto Iacono (May 2019), Michele Raitano (October 2019), and in 2020, Guido Neidhöfer (September 2020), respectively, to become new Managing Editors of the Journal of Income Distribution.  While these names had been added to the information about Journal's team, no formal announcement had yet been made.  Despite the fact that no new issues of the JID have appeared since the expansion of the Editorial Office, which would have been an ideal moment to note the fruits of an expanded set of Editors, there is no reason for further delay.  We know that Roberto, Michele, and Guido have themselves been sharing the news of their new role for the Journal of Income Distribution® to colleagues, about which we are very pleased, but we want the Journal’s website to make this announcement as well, to all. 

Roberto Iacono is Associate Professor in Economics and Social Policy at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). His latest research is at the intersection between public economics, labor economics, and political economy, with a focus on measurements of economic inequality and policy-relevant questions related to models of economic development and welfare. 

Michele Raitano is Professor of Economic Policy at the Department of Economics and Law, Sapienza University of Rome. His main research interests concern economic inequality, social mobility, redistributive policies, and the welfare state. 

Guido Neidhöfer is Advanced Researcher, Labour Markets and Human Resources at the Leibniz Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW)/Centre for European Economic Research in Mannheim and fellow of the College for Interdisciplinary Educational Research (CIDER). His research focuses on the causes and consequences of economic inequality, social mobility, education and migration. 

Please note how the research of each positions him to be well qualified to hold the responsibilities of fielding and shepherding new submissions through the JID's Submission Management System.  Each understands the focus and scope of the Journal of Income Distribution® and has served as referees in the field of income distribution for numerous related journals. 

Since the end of 2020, we have benefitted immensely in having each one, Roberto, Michele, and Guido jump in as Managing Editors of the Journal of Income Distribution®, one of the oldest journals focused on income distribution and re-distribution.  We know that as Managing Editors, each is doing his level best to serve the scholar community and the field of income distribution, and we thank all three most sincerely for their engagement in the fostering the dissemination of worthy research through the JID

As we move into a new solidified phase for the Editorial Office of the Journal, we would further wish to announce the very new appointment of Roberto Iacono as Co-Editor with Omar Hamouda.  Together they will steer the JID vigourously ahead to becoming anew the prestigious journal it was always meant to be.  This is thus the formal announcement of this moment as an excellent juncture for making this shift to (two) Editors-in Chief.  This information will henceforth appear within the print issues and website online presence of the Journal of Income Distribution.   

Omar Hamouda, Co-Editor 

Journal of Income Distribution