To our readers: In May and October of 2019 we were delighted to invite Roberto Iacono and Michele Raitano, respectively, to become new Managing Editors of the Journal of Income Distribution.  While these names had been added to the information about Journal's team, no formal announcement had yet been made.  Despite the fact that no new issues of the Journal have appeared since the expansion of the Editorial Office, which would have been an ideal moment to note the fruits of an expanded set of Editors, there is no reason for further delay.  We know that both Roberto and Michele have themselves been sharing the news of their new role for the JID to some colleagues, about which we are very pleased, but let the website as well make a announcement to all. 

We are delighted to have both Roberto and Michele jump in as Managing Editors of the Journal of Income Distribution®, one of the oldest journals focused on income distribution and re-distribution.



Please note how the research of each positions him to be well qualified to have the responsibilites of fielding and shepherding new submissions through the Journal's Submission Management System.  Each understands the focus and scope of the JID (  We know that as Managing Editors, each will do his level best to serve the scholar community and the field of income distribution, and we thank them most sincerely for their engagement in the fostering the dissemination of worthy research through the JID.

  • Journal Update


    Announcement:  First of all, this is to announce a few changes in the administration of the Journal of Income Distribution.  After having served for several years, Managing Editors Schroeder, Koulovatianos, and Sierminska have asked to be relieved of their position.  Many thanks are extended to them for all their efforts dedicated to the Journal.  Professor Price has been invited to assume the role of General Managing Editor.  Discussions are underway with a few other scholars who are also being invited to step in.  It is understandable how demanding both in time and effort are these voluntary positions, but without their inputs the peer review dissemination of research would not be possible. 

    Secondly, the e-journal format of the JID ( has just completed a transition from an older to a newer version of the Open Journal System, the system  which hosts the Journal of Income Distribution.  In the transfer, some technical glitches have come into play.  To be able to stay in touch with the Journal’s readership, a simple Registration step has been instated.  Some of you may regrettably have had subsequent impediments accessing the website.  The Digital Librarians, at York University hosting the OJS, to their credit, have tried to make the transition process as smooth as possible.  Please do contact the Editorial Office ( if any issues navigating the site still present themselves.

    As may have been noted by readers of the JID, its publication calendar has been delayed, which is admittedly unsettling to both readers and especially authors, who have the desire to see their submissions promptly considered for publication.  Special Issues will continue to be incorporated into the publication schedule, which will be brought back on track for quarterly issues as soon as possible with the many papers in the vetting pipeline and with more opportunity for submissions to the Journal of Income Distribution to pass through its submission management system quickly.  It is hoped that with the new OJS, the recording and tracking of all the steps, including referee correspondence of every submission, are now made easier to follow on-line.

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