Special Issue: Determinants of Resource Distribution: Methods and Policy

Call for papers: Special Issue of the Journal of Income Distribution

We invite submission to a special issue of the Journal of Income Distribution (JID) Determinants of Resource Distribution: Methods and Policy

We are particularly interested in papers dealing with measurement and methodological issues in the field of interest covered by JID, which includes distributional aspects of living standards, economic inequality, mobility, and opportunity; income and wealth distribution and the interplay with demographics (age, gender, race, etc.); the redistributive effects of public policies related to taxation and/or social reallocation systems (savings, education, medical care, pensions, etc.); methodological contributions dealing with statistical methods and data issues used in the analysis of economic distribution and redistribution; working with administrative data and “big data”.

Papers submitted by June 30, 2018 will be considered for the Spring 2019 issue. Authors interested in submitting for this call are encouraged to contact one of the managing editors or submit directly via the journal website and selecting SI 2019 during submission. Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed, following standard journal procedures. All communications on manuscript submission and reviews will be managed within the JID Online System ( This system will be used to facilitate review and revision of manuscripts. Upon manuscript submission, please indicate that your manuscript is prepared for this special issue. For further information on submitting papers visit the journal website

On behalf of the Managing Editors of the JID,
Christos Koulovatianos (,
Carsten Schroeder (,
Eva Sierminska (
Posted: 2018-02-26

Special Issue: Comparative wealth and income research

Call for papers: Special Issue of the Journal of Income Distribution

LIS has been providing data on income and wealth for comparative research since 1983. Over the years, Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) or Luxembourg Wealth Study (LWS) databases have made possible hundreds of publications, including many articles in top journals.

In this special of the Journal of Income Distribution scholars are offered the opportunity to publish their LIS/LWS research in one volume in a swift manner in order to broaden the discussion and enhance our knowledge from inequality and poverty to labor market participation, from saving patterns to class composition. Papers with cross-comparative perspective or an overview over time are particularly welcomed. All submissions will undergo the standard -refereeing procedure. Priority will be given to papers presented at the 2017 LIS/LWS Users Conference.

Submissions on the following and related topics will be considered:
- the distributions of living standards, inequality, poverty, and mobility
- micro and macro models on the (causal) relationships between inequality and economic development / crisis and empirical tests of such models
- policy lessons: the role of public policies for economic growth and inequality
- cross-country comparisons, e.g. between rich and poor countries, and comparisons across different societal groups

Please submit your paper online with the subject line “LIS” to

Guest editors of the Special Issue
Daniele Checchi
Janet Gornick

Managing Editors:
Christos Koulovatianos
Carsten Schroeder
Eva Sierminska
Posted: 2017-07-25
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