Changes to the Journal of Income Distribution website


Please do check out some recent changes to the Home Page of this site.  It has been adapted slightly to be more user-friendly and visually appealing.  On the right-hand side, there are now numerous linked items in the sidebar.  Attention is here drawn to three new ones.

-- the listing of the indices in which the Journal of Income Distribution figures; this is under construction.  More information will be provided in the next announcement.

-- the Journal of Income Distribution twitter account.  Please keep up with changes at the JID through Twitter.  Sign up and even retweet for all to see!

-- the Online First presentation of new articles.  For contributing authors this is the more important new addition, for it will reduce waiting time and expedite seeing accepted articles published in the Journal of Income Distribution.  From now on, as soon as a submission has been accepted for publication, undergone desk-editing and publication layout, and received author-proofing, it will be uploaded to this website and designated an Online First publication.  The Editorial Office will thus no longer be awaiting the readiness of a whole publishable issue of the Journal of Income Distribution to upload its most recently accepted articles.  When enough new articles are uploaded (c. 128 pages total), they will become the next formalized issue.  That research, assembled to appear as the next Current Issue, will then be moved out of the Online First reservoir, and that part of the JID site will then be ready to receive a sequence of newly accepted articles.  Meanwhile the new Current Issue will push the prior one into the Issues Archive for continuous consultation by subscribers at any time.

This last noted addition to the Journal of Income Distribution website sidebar implies some further changes to the dissemination scheduling of JID published research.  The Online First reservoir will allow for revolving publication; Current issues will be formalized from a sequence of Online First publications.  The decision has also been made to consider the print and the electronic versions of the Journal as publications distinct from one another.  To avoid the delays and costs associated with editorial preparation of a print version of the Journal quarterly, only a selection of articles from the potentially 4 issues current in a specific calendar year will be published in print.  This selection will thus form an annual print volume of the JID and be available complementarily to all e-journal subscribers.