Some Variations on Standard Income Measurement Error Models


  • Brigham B. Frandsen
  • James B. McDonald



Measurement error can have a significant impact on measures of inequality. Using a fairly flexible parametric specification of an independent multiplicative measurement error (IMME) model we explore the relationship between changes in the variance of measurement error, for a given mean of measurement error, on the Gini Coefficient. While the measured Gini is greater than the true Gini, the difference decreases as the variance of measurement error decreases. Copulas are used to relax the assumption of independence of measurement error and true income. In this case the measured Gini can be larger or smaller than the true Gini, depending on the correlation between true income and measurement error. Using the same approach with simulations the effect of a different distribution of measurement error is investigated.



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Frandsen, B. B., & McDonald, J. B. (2004). Some Variations on Standard Income Measurement Error Models. Journal of Income Distribution®, 13(1-2).