The Asset-By-Asset Poverty Index


  • Oliver Mtapuri University of KwaZulu Natal



This article pioneers an asset-by-asset point index, which represents a simple methodology that uses inputs rather than outputs of well-being to recognise the 'poor' on a point basis, household by household. It focuses on assets, which are a significant aspect of well-being in whose absence households may fall into deprivation. The index is well-suited for the production of localised indicators, as it allows disaggregation of data by a rural/urban divide and even at the village/household level, which facilitates area-based interventions. It is an asset-based measure, which will help to identify the poor and the type of help they need; it can thus be used as a monitoring tool at the household and community level. It represents an alternative approach to measuring household poverty.

Author Biography

Oliver Mtapuri, University of KwaZulu Natal

Post doctoral student



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Mtapuri, O. (2012). The Asset-By-Asset Poverty Index. Journal of Income Distribution®, 20(3-4).