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Trends in inequality: social, economic and political issues

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The Scientific Committee of an upcoming International Conference on Inequality invites manuscripts for a Special Issue of the Journal of Income Distribution (JID) “Trends in inequality: social, economic and political issues”. The Journal of Income Distribution is one of the oldest journals dedicated to the subject of income distribution. It offers to scholars the opportunity to disseminate their research in all aspects of income distribution and redistribution.

The Special Issue “Trends in inequality: social, economic and political issues” will be a selection of papers submitted in response to the call for papers for the International Conference on Inequality - Trends in inequality: social, economic and political issues to be held on 2-4 November, 2017, in Bologna (Italy). The aim of the Conference is to focus on recent trends in social and economic inequality at the national and international levels, from a variety of perspectives and contributions from all social sciences, including economics, sociology, social psychology, gender studies, development studies, statistics and political sciences, to expand existing perspectives and discussions. The Conference will present contributions from scholars and researchers and is open to all disciplinary studies. Papers that belong to one of the following five topic areas will be considered: A. Inequality: meaning, conceptualization and evidence-based drivers of inequality B. Economic consequences of inequality: on growth, labor, migration and long-term development C. Non-economic consequences of inequality: health and education inequalities, labor and work-place, political participation and social capital D. Addressing inequality through economic policy: redistribution policies, fiscal policies, sector policies; gender-based and rights-based social policies (education, health care, family and child care); urban development policies. E. Addressing inequality with other policies: social mobility, intergenerational transfers; unequal exchange, territorial disequilibria; lagging development; minorities and discrimination.

A selection of the Conference proceedings and the papers delivered at the conference will be published in a Special Issue of the Journal of Income Distribution is tentatively scheduled for publication in 2018. The deadline for submission of paper abstracts (between 2000 and 3000 words) is April 30th, 2017; the deadline for paper submission is September 30th, 2017. Authors interested in participating in the Conference and the Special Issue must register on the website ( and upload the abstract on their personal page. For questions, contact the Organisers ( as soon as possible.

Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed, following standard journal procedures. All communications on manuscript submission and reviews will be managed initially by the Conference Scientific Committee until final vetting is complete. The JID submission management system may be used to facilitate the review and revision of manuscripts.

For further information on submitting papers to the Journal of Income Distribution, visit the journal website

The Journal of Income Distribution welcomes the Scientific Committee of the Conference as its Guest Editors of the Special Issue to come:
                                          Pier Giorgio Ardeni
                                          Massimo Baldini
                                          Marzio Barbagli
                                          Giorgio Bellettini
                                          Paolo Bosi
                                          Tiziana Caponio
                                          Daniele Checchi
                                          Fabio Clementi
                                          Asher Colombo
                                          Emanuele Felice
                                          Maurizio Franzini
                                          Cristina Freguja
                                          Mauro Gallegati
                                          Andrea Gentili
                                          Luciano Guerzoni
                                          Achille Lemmi
                                          Marcello Messori
                                          Salvatore Morelli
                                          Paolo Onofri
                                          Mario Pianta
                                          Chiara Saraceno
                                          Antonio Schizzerotto
                                          Stefano Toso
                                          Ugo Trivellato
                                          Stefano Zamagni

Volume 23, Number 3-4 (September-December 2014)

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Christos Koulovatianos


Timm Bönke, Carsten Schröder
Lino Briguglio, Melchior Vella
Arsen Palestini, Giuseppe Pignataro
Karim Azizi, Thibault Darcillon
Junyi Zhu